"From What Height Fallen"


Admin: Lilith

Imagine: Reader Is Lucifer’s daughter and the boys find that out one day.

Word Count: 1552

Warning: Mention of attempted rape, but not at all graphic.  Mostly just hinted at.  Also there’s an ‘off-page’ death.

The Winchester brothers were staring at you from across a sticky table in a seedy bar, wearing identical expressions of shock. As the seconds ticked by and they remained frozen, you began to idly wonder if they were going to start drooling onto the table. After all, that’s what can happen when someone’s mouth just hangs open like that.
As if on cue, they both swallowed, coughed, and reached for their beers. You watched them gulp nervously at the bottles, resting your chin on one hand.
You hoped your elbow didn’t become permanently glued to the table.
“Okay,” Sam finally said, his voice hoarse and strained with the effort of staying calm. “Could you maybe start from the beginning?”
You restrained yourself from rolling your eyes, shrugging nonchalantly instead. “Sure.”

You didn’t meet your father face to face until you were in college. And frankly, it wasn’t even his face. You couldn’t even say you had his eyes, because the sharp blue pair that regarded you so calmly belonged to a dead man.
“Y/N,” he’d said quietly, after he’d waited patiently for you to stop screaming from the shock of his revelation, “I’m your father. You might not like that. I understand. My father and I don’t get along well either.”
You’d peered up at him, still shaking with the realization of who and what he was, and a sudden wild thought pierced through all your fear like a glittering blade: He wanted you to like him.
“I just thought we could talk, is all,” he’d finished, and this time you could see the resignation in his eyes, the way he was poised to accept your rejection without argument.
You meant to tell him to leave. But instead, you asked him if he’d like some water, and those borrowed blue eyes lit up like it was Christmas.

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